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Jasmin Jones; worship Leader, singer songwriter, author and speaker 

Jasmin's musical journey started in Portugal when she received a vision to start a band dubbed "Triplet". The band released a single 'Just the way you are’ and two full-length albums: '‘A Fight for your Heart' and 'Noise Noise Noise’ as well as two music videos 'Eye 43''Like it’s going out of fashion’. Triplet toured in ten European countries, headlining festivals and inspiring others with their music. As Triplet’s success soared, Jasmin grew as a musician & artist. In August of 2011 Triplet came to an end but their legacy still lives on.


In 2012 Jasmin moved back to Australia and released 'Look to the Horizon’. It was highlighted by the leading single 'Best Is To Come' which garnered nationwide airplay across community radio. 

2013 capitalised on the introduction to the Australian public by solid gigging across Sydney and Melbourne. During this time Jasmin won 'Songs On-Stage Sydney Singer Song Contest' and reached the final of 'Busking by the Beach' in Narrabeen. 


2014 Jasmin recorded her first EP in Australia with producer 'Nathan Eshman' from the esteemed Music Entourage.

2015 Jasmin toured up and down the Australian east coast showcasing her new EP. The highly anticipated EP ‘GOLD’ is all about reaching the ultimate gold-love.  The EP encapsulates the time of meeting the love of your life and acknowledging that it is the most priceless thing in the world.


2016 Jasmin moved to London to take on the position of a worship leader & continued her 'Gold' tour where #SYG (#ShareYourGold) campaign was launched at the Underbelly. Jasmin showcased her EP along with her social campaign with the big question: "Who is Gold in your life and why"! Jasmin then toured with the 'Story Tour'.


2017 Has looked like a year of songwriting where Jasmin has felt the call on her life to lead others into an encounter with the living God through prophetic worship. She has been leading worship for the past four years and is excited to use her music to usher people deeper into the kingdom of God and the heart of Jesus.


2018 Jasmin has been busy playing and showcasing her songs; coming second place in the 'Oxfam Oxjam Festival' as well as starting to lead worship in prison and abroad: Ibiza, Portugal, and London.


2019 Jasmin continued to lead worship, and play at various festivals: in Uk, Bulgaria, and Portugal.  House Worship Sessions was launched and recording began for her 1st worship EP. 

2020 A year like no other! Jasmin launched her 1st book "Life Lessons That Are Kept From You" and her 1st kids' book "Come Fly With Me." Due to COV19, the recording of the EP had to stop, and "Sacred Rest Moments" was born: a YouTube channel to encourage the multitudes and also the one at home, with the heart of God. Jasmin leads her 1st online challenge called "Soul Care Challenge" which you can take for free here. And also lead her 1st online Mini Worship Beginners Course which you can purchase here.

2021 Jasmin lead a 21-day challenge called "Preparing the Bride Preparing the Way" along with Peter (Sacred Rest Moments)  with the release of her new e-book '21 Day Devotional Preparing the Bride Preparing The Way' which you can download for FREE here. 

Jasmin's heart has always been to encourage, empower and help others find their voice, this is now happening through a new YouTube Channel Kingdom Empowerment For You. Feel free to subscribe!

Jasmin hopes to continue to write, teach and preach and to finish the recording of her worship EP.


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