Heavenly Sounds

'Heavenly Sounds' is a meditative melody of songs put together.  In the business of life I have come to realise the importance of entering rest and being still. My hope is that you can find some peace with 'Heavenly Sounds' that it will be like a spiritual shower for you to relax in and encounter inner peace at a new level.


This little 13 minute track is meant to help you go on a journey. Close your eyes, and listen to the sounds. 

Take time for you and allow yourself to breath, to feel your chest rise and fall. This is a time for you to let go of everything, the stresses of the day, the worries of life, to enter the presence of God and to find peace.


These little collective pieces come with an intention to bring you into an encounter with the Creator of all things and become one with him in spirit.


Each melody has a story behind it and I pray it will bring a shower of healing rain as you come into the presence of Heaven. 


My prayer is that you feel the breath of God on you and in you as you listen. That you will know you are loved with an everlasting love and that you encounter love itself.


"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" 1 Cor 2;9

Some suggestions for meditation with Heavenly Sounds


TAKE OFF: Breath deeply in and out & open your heart to God


PEACE: Let your self go, into the ever lasting arms of grace by the one who accepts you for who you are.


JOY: Wherever you struggle to focus because of fears or worries make yourself aware that God is in control, you can trust Him with all your heart for He is trustworthy. He will work out all things for your best.


AWE: Set your heart and thoughts above to find a fresh perspective. Our minds are limited, our spirit can grasp so much more


ENCOUNTER: Take Gods hands, let his heart beat become yours


REST: Receive


ONE: You are home, you are Gods beloved

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Thanks to 

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For helping make this project come alive. 

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