with Jasmin Jones

Massage is a huge stress reliever, it eases muscle tension, boost overall wellbeing and helps improve blood circulation. I tend to pray for clients as I massage, I have been a trained masseuse for seven years and believe in the power of healing through it!


1/2 hour massage - £25

50 min massage - £45

Extra £12 fee for home visit

Location: 55b Martin Way, SM4 4AH


"I had a truly Beautiful Experience. I came into such a welcoming atmosphere. Jasmin was so calm and reassuring throughout. I was able to completely relax and let the stresses fade away with every touch. Just by being still, I found I was able to truly reflect on the toll my body has taken on, whilst feeling the built up pain being released. I felt so unbelievably free the point where I really did not want to leave. Jasmin's massage was truly a blessing. It's as if a reset button was pushed. Thank you Jasmin".

Chloé Asante

"I have known Jasmin for several years now. Every time I get a massage from her, I always leave feeling better and more relaxed. Jasmin is extremely talented in finding those trouble spots &taking the time to work them out. She did an amazing job on my neck, shoulder and back, where I have suffered from ache and stiffness. She has a deep understanding about how the body works and a profound capacity for empathy. Her presence is calming and lovely to be around. Thank you Jasmin".

Denise Oliveira

"I had massages regularly from Jasmin whilst she lived in Australia. She is a gifted massage therapist. Her presence is calming and she is highly skilled at finding my knots and tight muscles

& giving my body the relief and relaxation that I need. I wish she still lived here!" 

Jessica Shiers

"I had a 50 minute back, neck and arm massage at my own home. Jasmin bought everything with her, even the lovely soft music. She was very professional and put me

at ease straight away. No embarrassing moments. During the massage, Jasmin went

straight to all those little places that were tired and strained. It was very de-stressing.

Jasmin carries the peace of Jesus which I think made all the difference. She made

sure no oil got in my hair too. A most relaxing experience which I hope to repeat.

Before the massage I had pain in my neck which had gone on for weeks and pain in my arms for months. No pain from either afterwards. Neck is still free and arm pain minimal.
I had pain in one shoulder for nearly a year, for which I visited a hospital physio and I do daily exercises for that shoulder. Even that felt somewhat better afterwards!"


Catherine Clark

"Jasmin is a talented massage therapist, her strong hands are truly healing.

She was always on time and came to my house so I was able to completely relax. Bliss!"

Angela Burrill

"Jasmin is a talented massage therapist, her strong hands are truly healing.

She was always on time and came to my house so I was able to completely relax. Bliss!"

Angela Burrill

"I was a super happy customer. The massage was amazing! I was relaxed from the minute I got there. The room was super peaceful and I felt immediately at ease. I hadn't had a massage in a really long time but everything was really straight forward and easy. Jasmin asked me what kind of massage I wanted and though I wasn't sure at the time she worked out exactly what I needed. There was really soothing music in the background. The massage was amazing. I felt really good afterwards!! Really excellent value for money!!"

Elizabeth Yentumi

​"This was my first session with Jasmin. You walk into a relaxed, calm atmosphere with soothing music playing in the background. Jasmin is very attentive and welcoming. I was able to completely relax and experienced all the knots and tightness in my neck and back fade away under her touch. A great de-stress! Thanks Jasmin and I look forward to a repeat performance!"

Carol Bent

​"From start to finish I was made to feel very relaxed, there was a lovely scent in the room and tranquil music. While Jasmin massaged my back I felt all of the tension leave my body, I was so relaxed that I drifted off in to a light sleep. I will definitely be back for another."

Geraldine Sykes.

Boat on Lake

"Had a lovely massage which released all the tension in my neck and shoulders, done all with a gentle touch and no discomfort. Had a really good night sleep. Will be booking again. Jasmine you have a healing touch".​​

Maria Corlis