Come and jump into the life of Eleta as she finds that her mum can fly! It is beyond her imagination and wildest dreams! Does this mean that she can fly to? Life will never be the same again!



"It's amazing. I can't wait for the next book. Love the picture on the cover. So cool" Jaedine 11 yrs old.


"It was really fun" Eva 11 yrs old.

"Come fly with me is an excellent book about your love for God, the book takes you to different places which is really special. I would recommend this book to all ages and perfect to read independently and with the whole family. This book is also about your gifts that god has given you. I think My godmother has done an amazing job and I hope it will give you inspiration to let god take you places through your journey with gods love for you" Angel 14 yrs old

Come Fly With Me - Children's Book (8-14yrs)