“Life lessons that are kept from you is a Christian viewpoint on how to have healthy, flourishing relationships for young people. Jasmin talks from her experiences on how to navigate through your thoughts and feelings, your ups and downs and how to overcome them. The Bible is the main source of wisdom that Jasmin draws from, as well as personal experience. 

This book was specifically written to help young people grow and to be a Christian voice in the midst of the sea of many other voices. The hope of this book is to see people equipped with tools to succeed in relationships; may you be empowered to be the best version of you by Jesus living in you and through you.”



Jasmin’s love for God and her passion for people to live life in all its fullness, spill onto the pages of this book. Weaved with personal testimony and questions to reflect upon, she shares her experiences and wisdom to help young people navigate the complex journey into adulthood.


– Andy Frost 

Share Jesus International


We live in such a time where there is great confusion among young people, especially around identity. There is such a need for direction and clarity about how identity affects the way we relate to others. Jasmin’s book will indeed help many young people and even adults in developing and maintaining healthy relationships. 

The simplicity with which Jasmin has approached this subject, combined with personal stories and the relatable examples she has used, makes this a must-read for every young person and youth group leaders. The questions at the end of each chapter allow for a closer, personal reflection and examination that bring the issues closer home to the reader. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!! 


– Sam Onyenuforo, 

Pastor at Oasis Church, Colliers Wood London


By drawing on a combination of fundamental truths, personal experience and easy to understand analogies, Jasmin Jones draws alongside young people and equips them with the tools they need to navigate such a forming time of life. This book will encourage any young person who may be struggling with worth and identity, whilst challenging, with compassion and sensitivity, wrong behaviour and thinking. As a youth worker I would put this in the hands of any of my young people for sure!


– Aaron Routledge,

Associate Pastor & youth worker for New River Church

& Youth worker for The Message Trust in London


This is a great book for young adults setting out on the Christian journey in a complex world. Jasmine covers a number of important and frequently asked questions of life. 

It is a great blend of bright personal testimony and godly Christian wisdom. I hear too many people saying: “I wish someone had told me that when I was young“. If that is you, pick up this book and start reading!   


- Rick Oldland


Senior Pastor of the Well Church and Team Leader for Harvest Alliance Europe

Life Lessons That Are Kept From You - Book