Jasmin’s song writing course inspired me with faith to seek God’s face, confident that He would receive my songs, offered directly from the heart. I felt closer to my saviour, Jesus Christ and enjoyed my intimate time with God more. The learning resources Jasmin provided us with are very comprehensive, easy to put into practice with God’s guidance and were of much help to refer to after the classes. Jasmin also shows us scriptural examples of worship songs and encourages us to follow the example of David, Miriam and Aaron. I have now written my first song in years and I feel equipped to write songs and use my gift to God’s glory. Jasmin’s students learn that all Christians are called to worship. As a teacher, Jasmin creates an encouraging environment in which we all feel safe to volunteer our songs or written lyrics confidently and Jasmin allows the Holy Spirit to move without restraint, enabling us to unpack our gifts.

-J.V., 19